Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chosing metaphors

Seth Freedman in Comment is Free writes:
"I'm not comfortable with the argument that those loyal to Israel shouldn't criticise it, as I have been taught over and over during my formative years (although, fortunately, not at home). Loyalty does not mean turning a blind eye - the "spare the rod..." concept is central to my uneasiness. If we do not take the opportunity to educate Israel whilst it is growing up, we'll be left with a wild, unruly adult version in 50 years' time, totally oblivious to critique or censure - which many would argue Israel already is today."
The first sentence I completely agree with. But what is central to Mr Freedman's uneasiness makes me rather uneasy too. "Spare the rod, spoil the child", the writer of the Proverbs said. Do we have here an example of the problem Western commentators have vis-a-vis the Middle East - infantalization? Better than demonization, I suppose - but still...

The writer of the Proverbs also said "the blueness of a wound cleanses the innermost parts". What would be the political implications of this, exactly?


dearieme said...

Keep right on the the end of the woad?

Shuggy said...

I'm drunk.

So I think I love you, man.

Happy New Year.

Our English readers know we're still celebrating up here, don't they?

Will said...

Aye. Cos I is here.

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