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Friday, February 23, 2007

Glasgow's miles better

At producing people that drink themselves to death:
"Fifteen of the 20 local authority areas with the highest alcohol-related male death rates were in Scotland, with Glasgow top of the league with 83.7 deaths per 100,000."
In contrast, Aberdeen is trailing behind badly with a paltry death-rate that is a mere sixth of what Glasgow's is.

Researchers speculated that there were two possible explanations for this pathetic performance:

a) Aberdonians are too mean to buy a round.

b) They have other distractions.


KB Player said...

Talk about Aberdonians being cheap - that joke is really everything-must-go past-its-sell-by-date cheap.

dearieme said...

Aw, but she's beautiful, Shuggy.

Paulie said...

I understand that short arms and deep pockets are quite common throughout Scotland. But surely sheep-shagging only generally happens in Wales?

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, by the way....

dearieme said...

Aw, Paulie, must you complicate the narrative?

Donald Maclean said...

In Niddrie, you wouldn't have room for a sheep, would ewe?

james higham said...

Nice pic. I've just done a piece on Culloden referring to these. Incidentally, Shuggy - do you follow the rugby, by any chance?

Charles Dodgson said...

The joke was cheap, but it made me chortle.

james higham said...

Shuggy - you've been tagged at my site.

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